Calendar & Tuition

The Academic Year

Piano Lesson Calendar

The piano lesson calendar is based on academic years. Each year is divided in two long semesters–starting in August and January–and an optional, flexible summer session, offering nearly year-around instruction. Students are expected to complete each term they sign up for. New students may begin lessons after the term has begun if there are openings available; their tuition will be adjusted. Private lessons and the occasional group classes are generally taught on weekdays, while special events take place on weekends. 

Private Lesson Length

Most students take lessons once a week, but two lessons a week is another option. Private lessons are 45 minutes or 1 hour long; only very young students (Kindergarten and preschool) may choose 30-minute lessons. Each student is scheduled for an additional 30 minutes of computer time in the student computer lab, immediately before or after the lesson, to practice musicianship skills (ear training, note reading, music theory, and more). Therefore, students generally spend 75-90 minutes in the studio each time. Occasionally, group lessons or classes are scheduled in place of individual lessons for ensemble playing or learning activities best done in groups.

Special Performance Events

The Art of Piano holds several special performance events of its own each year. Students are encouraged to participate in additional performances and graded achievement programs, as well.

Adult Instruction

Adult instruction is available for all ages and skill levels. Those at the intermediate and advanced levels may choose between weekly and less frequent lessons (usually every other week). Adult lessons are one hour long. Students are invited to participate in all The Art of Piano activities and events but may opt out of any of them.

Trial Lessons

Before committing to a full term, it is recommended to take a trial lesson to see how comfortable you feel with the personality, abilites and teaching style of the instructor. Parents are encouraged to observe their child's trial lesson. The trial-lesson fee is due at the lesson.

Semester Calendars

Registration deadline: Friday, December 8, 7 p.m.*
Semester schedule available: before Christmas**

Term begins: Monday, January 8
Spring Break: Monday-Friday, April 1-5 (matches Rochester schools and Springfield School District 186)
Term ends: Friday, May 31

Number of weeks in term: 21
Number of lessons in term: 20

For dates of studio-sponsored performance events, please, visit the Special Events page.

Pre-registration deadline for Fall 2024 semester: Friday, May 10, 7 p.m.*

*New students may start lessons during the semester if spaces are available but will have to choose lesson times from those remaining available after the semester schedule is prepared.
**The lesson schedule is made right after the registration deadline for each term, based on students’ preferences and teacher availability. Exact lesson days and times will not be available until scheduling is completed.


Tuition at The Art of Piano is charged on a per term basis. Students are expected to complete each term and must pay tuition in full.  

The tuition amount is based on the length of the lessons the student takes and the length of the term.  It is all-inclusive, except for the cost of books. In addition to the lessons, it includes five special studio events each year, a tremendous amount of teaching-related work done by the instructor in addition to the time spent with students, as well as expenses related to the maintenance and improvement of the facilities and teaching resources, and legal and financial obligations of a business owner.  

Typically, payment is due at the time of registration for each term but an installment plan is also available. The six payment due dates per year are approximately two months apart (August, October, December, February, March and May).