Expert, personalized, dedicated piano instruction
in a nurturing and inspiring environment

12-year-old Ruoshui performs Mozart Concerto in C Major, K. 246

Teen-age The Art of Piano students performs

Piano lessons for long-term enjoyment and creative development

The Art of Piano studio prepares students for a life-long joy of making music, while also contributing to their intellectual, emotional, and creative development. Learn more about the many lasting benefits of playing piano in this image and video.

. . . in a studio of expressive, successful performers

All students of the Art of Piano studio strive to create moving performances. They learn the language of music, not just the notes. Well-rounded, strong musicianship skills and a comfortable, efficient, injury-preventive piano technique are cultivated as the foundation for artistry. Students of The Art of Piano have won numerous piano competitions and scholarships at the state and regional levels. Their success has been unmatched in the Springfield area.

. . . with an expert, committed piano instructor

A passionate and dedicated piano teacher and performer since her youth, Dr. Maria Horváth has decades of experience working with students of all ages, from beginners to post-graduate pianists.

. . . providing personalized, comprehensive instruction for all ages

Maria tailors her curriculum to each student’s personality and needs, constantly adjusting it to evolving abilities, aspirations, and circumstances. She loves both the variety and the challenge of working with an exceptionally diverse group of students. Most of them take piano lessons for personal enrichment or therapeutic purposes, but some are aspiring musicians (music educators or performers) or young professionals with music degrees.

. . . in person and remotely

Located across from the Community Park of Rochester, the studio is easy to access from Springfield. Most lessons and classes are taught in person, but the exceptional remote instruction setup allows students to choose between face-to-face and remote lessons any time or take lessons entirely online.

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