Personalized, dedicated, and expert piano instruction for all ages and levels,

with a focus on musical expression


The Art of Piano provides personalized, highly committed, and expert piano instruction in an nurturing and inspiring environment.  The instructor, Dr. Maria Horváth, is a concert pianist with broad experience in teaching piano to all levels and ages, beginner to post-graduate, preschooler to adult.

Dr. Horváth’s primary goal in teaching is to prepare students for a life-long enjoyment of music making, while also contributing to their personal, intellectual, emotional, and creative development.  The focus is on musical expression, right from the start.  An efficient, healthy, injury-preventive piano technique and well-rounded musicianship skills are cultivated as the foundation for creativity, artistry, and the ability to move hearts by playing music.  Students may gain special insight into historical musical styles by experimenting with a variety of modern and period keyboard instruments available at the studio.

Students of The Art of Piano have won numerous competitions and scholarships at state and regional levels. The studio holds five performance events a year and students are encouraged to participate in graded achievement programs and additional performances, as well.  

The comprehensive curriculum is tailored to each student’s needs.  Plans and methods are continually adjusted to each student’s unique and ever-changing combination of age, abilities, personality, aspirations, and circumstances. Dr. Horváth loves the variety and challenge of working with an exceptionally diverse student population. Some students are aspiring music educators or performers, others are young professionals with music degrees, and the majority takes lessons for personal enrichment or therapeutic purposes. 

The Art of Piano offers dedicated, structured, nearly year-around instruction.  The academic year is divided into two long semesters and an optional, flexible summer session.  Private lessons and the occasional group classes are normally taught on weekdays, while special events take place on weekends.

The studio is located across from Rochester Community Park, with quick access from Springfield.  Most lessons are taught in person but the studio’s outstanding setup for remote instruction enables students to switch between in-person and remote lessons any time.


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