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Rochester, IL–a mile from Springfield


Quality, professional piano instruction for all ages and levels
The notes are just the beginning

Preparing students for a life-long enjoyment of music making, while also developing valuable life skills and personality traits 


The Art of Piano is a full-time music instruction studio, dedicated to providing students with high quality piano instruction and comprehensive music instruction and offering programs appropriate to each individual’s age, abilities and aspirations. Lessons are taught by Dr. Maria Horváth, active concert pianist and highly experienced teacher from the beginner to the post-graduate piano major levels. The highly diverse student population includes a broad range of ages, ethnicities, abilities and aspirations. Some students take lessons strictly for personal enrichment or therapeutic purposes, others are aspiring music educators or performers or young professionals with undergraduate or graduate music degrees.  Dr. Horváth loves the variety and challenges of working with such a diverse student population and tailors her comprehensive curriculum to each individual’s needs. The majority of students live in Springfield, Rochester, and other surrounding communities; however, some students have come from as far North as Havana, as far West as Jacksonville, and as far East as Decatur.

Since April 26, 2021, The Art of Piano has been offering the choice of remote or in-person private lessons.

The high-tech remote setup includes four cameras (three fixed and one mobile) quality audio equipment (both in and out), and wired (very fast and stable) internet connections.

The wellbeing of our students is of primary importance.  The Art of Piano will continue to follow the expert advice of CDC and the state of Illinois.


The Art of Piano student with the instructor in lessonThe Art of Piano distinguishes itself by offering:

  • An individualized approach and a variety of programs to meet each individual student’s specific needs (Solid Foundation, Pre-Professional & Adult)
  • A combination of the best American and European teaching methods
  • The promotion of injury-preventive piano technique at every level
  • A variety of activities and performance opportunities throughout the year
  • Private lessons constantly tailored to each student’s changing needs
  • Young student plays a duet with her teacher at a recitalComputer time before or after each private lesson to expedite the advancement of musicianship skills
  • Group lessons and parties to engage in fun, educational group activities and build camaraderie among students
  • Five yearly performance events sponsored to inspire and to provide formal and informal opportunities to share music, display skills and bolster self-confidence
  • Many additional outside-of-studio performance opportunities and competitions facilitated
  • Yearly evaluation by highly qualified university or college faculty
  • Award and incentive programs for additional motivation
  • A comprehensive professional curriculum including
    • Two The Art of Piano Student perform a violin-piano duet in a retirement homeA broad range* of piano repertoire
    • Historically informed performance studies on modern and early keyboard instruments
    • Ensemble playing
    • Injury-preventive piano technique
    • Rhythm
    • Music theory
    • Ear training
    • A young The Art of Piano student notates her own piano composition with the help of her teacherHarmonization
    • Transposition
    • Sight-reading
    • Memorization
    • Music history
    • Composition
  • Technology-enhanced learning
    • A young The Art of Piano student works in the music computer lab after his lessonStudent computer lab with MIDI keyboards for computer time before or after private lessons
    • Sophisticated music education, notation and editing software programs
    • iPad apps made available for lessons and home practice
    • Full-size electronic piano interfaced with computer for music notation and recording
    • Audio system for accompanying and listening
    • Video and audio equipment for recording and critiquing
  • A young The Art of Piano student receives her progress certificate at a recitalThe opportunity to play modern, as well as early keyboard instruments, including
    • Grand piano
    • Five-octave fortepiano (a replica of a Viennese piano form Mozart/Washington’s time)
    • Professional digital hapsichord/organ/celesta
    • Quality electronic piano
  • A specialized lending library of DVD-s, CD-s, books, and audio/video courses for students and their families

* The core curriculum consists of the various styles periods of classical music, as well as jazzy and traditional music. Other North-and South-American music styles A dozen The Art of Piano students immersed in a music game at a Performance Partyare also introduced. Sacred music and additional musical styles may also be included at student‘s request.