Programs Offered

Programs Offered

High-school student performs at a recital Programs Offered: Three young students perform a piano trio at a recital Programs: a young student performs a student-teacher duet at a recital Programs: A young student ready to take a bow at a recital Programs: three students perform a piano trio Programs: Three older students perform a piano trio

In order to accommodate each student’s aspirations and desired level of engagement as well as facilitate making consistent progress towards the selected goals, The Art of Piano currently offers two quality piano programs for children and youth, adult instruction, as well as other music programs.

Individual piano lessons include and additional 30 minutes or more of computer time in the student computer lab to practice note reading, music theory, ear training and other music skills. The computer lab is equipped with a variety of music software with sophisticated customization and score keeping options. This allows the instructor to set up an individualized curriculum for each student and view his/her progress after computer sessions.



The Pre-Professional program is designed for piano students who aspire to become professional pianists/musicians or outstanding amateur musicians.
The weekly lessons of “Pre-Professional” students will be one hour long. Young children enrolled into this program may take two shorter, 30-minute lessons a week instead of one longer session. An additional 30 minutes or more of computer time is offered with each individual lesson. In order to be able to make solid progress towards the selected goals, the “Pre-Professional” student is expected to practice at least 6 days a week. The desired length of daily practice will vary with age (30 minutes to 2 hours or more). 


Solid Foundations

This program is designed for students who would like to build solid foundations in music and piano. This will enable the student to make consistent progress and enjoy piano and music as an amateur musician or, should (s)he later aspire to become a professional-level musician, build on this foundation.
The length of weekly lessons for students in this program is 45 minutes or more. However, very young, beginner students may start with 30-minute lessons. An additional 30 minutes or more of computer time is offered with each individual lesson. In order to ensure solid progress and enjoyment, students in the “Solid Foundations” program are expected to practice at least four or five days a week. The desired length of daily practice will vary by age and accomplishment level. For very young students, twenty minutes a day may be sufficient, while more advanced students should practice at least 45 minutes a day. 
As an alternative to weekly lessons throughout the term, adults at the intermediate and advanced levels may choose another option: lessons arranged one by one, less frequently, most commonly about every other week. Please, see the Adult Instruction page for more details.


Coaching sessions are offered for piano students who currently study with other teachers, to provide another musician’s perspective on interpretation and technique. This can be especially helpful in preparation for competitions and performances. Coaching sessions are arranged one at a time. In order to participate in more than two coaching sessions, the regular teacher’s written permission will be required.

Chamber Music

Chamber music lessons are also available for pianists, other instrumentalists, and vocalists who would like to improve their ensemble playing skills in a chamber-music (small music groups, two or more people) setting. Friends and family members are encouraged to sign up together as an ensemble. Single chamber music coaching sessions can also be arranged. In addition to the modern grand piano, a new replica of a late-eighteenth-century Walter fortepiano and a professional digital harsichord/organ/celesta is also available for the performance of music from the 17th and 18th centuries.  Please, contact The Art of Piano if you do not have a chamber music partner but would like to find one.