The Studio

Lessons at The Art of Piano studio are taught on a Yamaha grand piano in top condition. A full-size electronic piano may be used on its own, as a second keyboard instrument, or interactively with computer programs. The 2015 replica of a five-octave Walter fortepiano (from Mozart and George Wahington’s time) built by Ron Regier provides perfect opportunities to study historically informed performance of 18th-century music. A digital harpsichord/fortepiano/organ/celeste designed for professionals is available to use as additional instuments or for experimentation with various tuning systems. A computer lab with MIDI keyboards and a variety of sophisticated music software is set up for students’ use before or after lessons. The studio is also equipped with quality audio and video recording equipment and stereo system, digital notation station, audio editing station, teaching and learning library, and various other teaching aids.

The Art of Piano studio--grand piano, digital piano and music library with digital harpsichord in the background Two-station music computer lab with MIDI keyboards
Studio Pianos and Music Library
Music Computer Lab
Grand piano Roland C-30 professional digital harpsichord, organ, celesta Replica of a 1790s five-octave Viennese fortepiano
Grand Piano
Five-octave Fortepiano
Digital Piano and Music Notation System
Music Notation Center